CCTV Surveillance Products and Installation


CCTV cameras provide you with the ability to know what is happening both inside and outside your different business premises. We have both Analog High Definition (AHD) cameras as a means to provide a more cost effective solution and Digital IP Cameras with clearer optical zoom but allows for a reduction in the amount of cameras based on its features and capabilities.


In most cases Clients require footage up to four weeks. However, there are those that require a hard drive, DVR or NVR that has enough storage capacity to record up to 6months of ongoing 24/7 video footage. This can then be uploaded to the Cloud or on an external hard drive or an offsite server. It is important for businesses and staff to feel secure and maintain a semblance of peace from suspicious individuals. It also allows business owners to monitor and capture employees that may be stealing products or discourage them from carrying out further acts in the future. We havethe right solution for you. Let us make you have confidence in your surroundings again by understanding and determining your Threat and Risk Assessment. Your Security is our Priority.


We also offer a selection of high end IP Cameras that are suited for different types of industrial settings. High speed IP cameras with panoramic and thermal imaging to ensure highest quality of video is provided for harsh and challenging working conditions. We know you would want to ensure you can view your plant equipment, surroundings and employees with crystal clear images and to determine exactly what is going on to ensure Personal Safety and Security is not compromised. We also provide maintenance services to your current Security Camera system or to the ones we install. Not exactly sure what you need, Call or Email Us.


We can also offer the installation of CCTV cameras on poles for real time video monitoring of traffic flow and congestion along roads and highways. These cameras can be used to identify where accidents have occurred or where there are other traffic incidents. Users can take the necessary course of action on different routes to take. Live video feed can be streamed via Video Management software.If you want to discuss this further Please Contact Us Today