CCTV Surveillance Products and Installation


Spriden Technology Services Limited provides a full range of security cameras, Digital Video Recorders, Network Video Recorders and CCTV Security Surveillance Systems that are suited to meet your budget. The type of cameras we offer are weather resistant and vandal proof. We understand it is important for homeowners to have accessibility and visibility of their property while at home and away as we want to ensure our most valued assets are safe and protected from potentially unwanted intruders.


We will come to your home and conduct a site assessment and make the necessary recommendations for your property coverage. We provide all the necessary end to end support you need from installation to ongoing maintenance, with trustworthy and reliable service. We will show you how easy it is to play back footage and how to save the footage for future review or evidence gathering. No one should feel unsafe or unsure of what is going on in their surroundings both in the day and especially at night. CCTV Surveillance Cameras can act as a deterrent to criminals and a means of detecting those in close proximity. Our cameras are high definition and IP with (1080 p), 5MP and 4K with zoom capabilities. We install our own company brand name CCTV cameras – Spriden Technology, we also provide other brands of cameras on the market.

All of the cameras we provide have Remote Monitoring capabilities from anywhere in the world which can be viewed on your smartphone, PC and iPad.

Sometimes you may also need Spy and Covert cameras dependent on your situation, we offer different types of spy and covert cameras and there are those that require easy configuration and installation while others don’t. These cameras have audio and video recording built in with high resolution.



CCTV cameras provide you with the ability to know what is happening both inside and outside your different business premises. We have both Analog High Definition (AHD) cameras as a means to provide a more cost effective solution and Digital IP Cameras with clearer optical zoom but allows for a reduction in the amount of cameras based on its features and capabilities.


We also offer a selection of high end IP Cameras that are suited for different types of industrial settings. High speed IP cameras with panoramic and thermal imaging to ensure highest quality of video is provided for harsh and challenging working conditions. We know you would want to ensure you can view your plant equipment, surroundings and employees with crystal clear images and to determine exactly what is going on to ensure Personal Safety and Security is not compromised.


We can also offer the installation of CCTV cameras on poles for real time video monitoring of traffic flow and congestion along roads and highways. These cameras can be used to identify where accidents have occurred or where there are other traffic incidents. Users can take the necessary course of action on different routes to take. Live video feed can be streamed via Video Management software.

Different types of CCTV IP Cameras smart features we provide:

Facial Recognition

  • Cameras with facial recognition software
  • Provides cleaner imaging to identify possible criminals

360 Degree Fish Eye Cameras

  • Capturing a panoramic field in a single view
  • Megapixel resolution to create high definition images
  • Onboard SD Card
  • Easy Installation

Number Plate Recognition

  • IP cameras that captures number plates in real time
  • Number plate software management application