Forensics IT

Forensics IT


Protect your businesses, reduce business risk

Forensics IT or Digital Forensics describe how important computer evidence can be collected or obtained via the use of forensic tools. In recent times more companies have recognized its significance in determining perpetrators of cybercrime and have requested skilled technical experts to assist in the analysis, preservation and retrieval of digital footprints from their computer systems.

  • Preserving digital evidence is critical to solving criminal cases and bringing to the forefront evidence in company based allegations of persons that may have carried out the offences.
  • Using the right forensic tools allows for the information based on discovery to provide a comprehensive unfolding of the truth which can be used legally in court or act as a safeguard to human resources against their employees.
  • Spriden Technology Services Limited have worked on several Forensic cases in the past for various sectors using different forensic methods to acquire the necessary data and to understand when, how, where the act or occurrences were done and on which devices and who were the participants involved.
  • Most individuals believe when they erase data from their laptops or desktop computers it is deleted for good. However, this is not necessarily true, it can be difficult to practically erase or conceal data.

What we do

We want to help you by identifying, detecting and protecting your critical data by not only tracing the evidence but also ensuring others are not able to do so in the future. Forensic threats, fraud and cybercrime have become the norm in most organizations. We will come in and conduct a comprehensive forensic analysis to determine what vital information is needed to get started. We will walk you through the different processes we will take and provide the necessary support.