Server Virtualization

What is Server Virtualization?

Server Virtualization is a concept that has been around for years. However, it has been gaining in popularity given the rapid evolution of technologies on the global market.

Most organizations use several servers to operate each of their different tasks, for e.g. one might be dedicated to an accounting software, the other to email, which is a wastage of IT resources when each server might be either underutilized or over utilized. It therefore becomes costly to maintain.


How Can Server Virtualization Transform Your Business?

Server Virtualization is the best solution as software applications are used to divide for example one physical server into multiple virtual environments which are known as “virtual servers”. A virtual server can run multiple operating systems concurrently or independently, merging different tasks into one hardware. One virtual server can replace several traditional servers. This will reduce on physical space, money, energy consumption and IT resources. Each virtual server can interact with other devices.

Given that each virtual machine is isolated from other virtual machines if one crashes the others will not be affected.

We understand that companies are looking for the right solution that fits their business requirements but do not know how to bridge the gap from using an outdated solution to the most appropriate technology, not necessarily the latest.

We however, believe that server virtualization will aid companies in becoming more efficient and also allow them to save substantial money in the long run.



At Spriden we offer server virtualization services. We will come in and discuss your current IT infrastructure and carry out the necessary analysis and assessment. If you are looking to increase productivity, flexibility, performance, increase resource optimization, non-disruptive migration, a reduction in downtime and a centralized server management then server virtualization can be the strategic solution for your company’s current and future needs. Our objective is to determine which virtualization services is best suited for you based on our findings in order for you to get more value on your investment. We will be with you every step of the way in order to ensure implementation is successful.


  • Purchase Less Physical Resources
  • Reduce IT Staffing
  • Downtime reduction
  • Simplify and Improve Disaster Recovery Policies