VPN/Access Control Installations


Whether you are the owner of a small business or a growing corporate enterprise investing in a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution can be beneficial to you. A Virtual Private Network is an encrypted connection over the internet from computer devices to a private network. If you have different business locations it allows your employees to access those electronic files and software over a secure network, anywhere. For those employees that are working at home or abroad and need access to critical information stored at office computers having a Virtual Private Network provides you with that advantage. It reduces on time wastage and safeguards on security when sensitive information are not submitted via unencrypted means such as email or archaic methods such as faxing. It allows for greater flexibility and scalability among staff. If you need a Virtual Private Network (VPN) installed at your office please feel free to Contact Us for a Quote.


Do you know who and what you want to safeguard? We can Schedule a site visit to understand your needs and map out a solution.

Denying access

Denying access to unwanted guests and restricting employees from unauthorized sensitive areas requires a technical security solution that is both hardware and software related.

Right Credentials

Authorized personnel with the right credentials should have access to your facilities without issues and should feel safe. Determining whether your entry and exit points are secure is important.

Multi Locking

At Spriden Technology Services Limited we provide multi-locking devices, standalone devices for a single door and larger network systems that are customized to your specific needs whether wireless or wired.


We also offer ID Readers, Biometric systems that uses fingerprint or facial recognition scanning. These systems can be integrated with Time and Attendance Readers that logs entry times and dates in a reporting format for staff accountability.